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Youth & Young Adult Employment Services


Youth and Young Adult Employment Services (Y.E.S.) Program offers services and aid designed to help you succeed in your employment journey. Primary services include assisting/coaching youth to identify job opportunities, fill out job applications, build resumés, and write cover letters. Y.E.S. also provides job training and retention classes, preparing for interviews, and advocacy. Secondary services include life skills workshops, vital document acquisition, goal-setting, trade certifications, opening checking and savings accounts, and financial literacy and budgeting workshops. Y.E.S. offers community service and volunteering opportunities, work experience opportunities, income tax filing, transportation to work, and support in acquiring transportation.

Benefits of the program: Successful program completion sets the foundation for youth to enter the workforce. YES helps enrich the local economy by encouraging youth to seek employment with local businesses. Our program also serves as an after-school program, connecting youth with professional role models that serve as an introductory resource to the professional world. 

Si tiene más preguntas sobre nuestro Programa On-Point, ¡no dude en contactarnos!

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