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Foundations curriculum provides quality content developed to create intentional conversation and self-reflection around social- emotional topics. The easy to follow lessons are to be facilitated by teachers who will also participate in these healthy discussions. Through a variety of topics, students build connections with their peers and their teachers by getting a better understanding of others’ perspectives while also having a safe space to share their own thoughts.


Purpose of program: To build community and connectedness between students and teachers while enhancing socio-emotional skills in order to prevent conflict through empathy and nurturing our intrinsic desire to be kind to others and ourselves.

Benefits of program: The Foundations program decreases the amount of conflict on campus and the amount of disruption in the classroom. It assists to improve student character and leadership, GPA, and campus culture and climate. It promotes restorative justice and restorative practices directly in students and school-wide.

Si tiene más preguntas sobre nuestro Programa On-Point, ¡no dude en contactarnos!

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