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KEEP is a hybrid, restorative tutoring program that assists youth to succeed academically. Our hybrid program supports distance learning and in-person models. KEEP programming balances academic access, socio-emotional learning, mentoring, and the power of play, all within a framework of restorative practices and relationship-building. This creates a vibrant, safe, and healthy environment for learning. Tutors build relationships with students, create healthy and structured environments for students to attend and complete work, and practice restorative rhythms to ensure a vibrant and healthy environment for study.

Benefits of the program: KEEP increases GPA, increases course work completion, provides academic tutoring and mentoring, and conducive tutoring environments. Tutoring also improves self-esteem, attitudes toward school, and student confidence. KEEP tutoring programs occur within a group setting, allowing students to develop important socio-emotional skills and build healthy relationships with tutors and their peers.

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